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I have recently been picking up rare hobbies. For some time it was origami and then gardening, which until then I thought was perfectly normal. But more recently I have taken to collecting very rare “things”. Not exactly art but more like things which are usually ignored or rather forgotten.

This summer I had been to the highlands and the countryside, more specifically the farms with their horses, sheep, cows and goats. I was suddenly surprised how even now; taming sheep with a crook is still common. I wanted to know a little more about that – how it all started, how after a while the shepherd’s crook was being manufactured in wholesome batches and how it has transformed into a reliable tool. I wanted to know it all. My research started from where, arguably, most amateur researches start – Wikipedia.

The shepherd’s crook was initially a regular stick without the crook to test if the pastures where the sheep/cattle are to graze are good grass or in other words to ensure if the pastures were good for the flock. And after some time, a change was made by attaching a hook like thing to one end now most commonly known as a crook. This was in order to protect the flock from falling off a cliff and just in case they did, pull them up by the crook over their neck or legs. Sounds terrible, doesn’t it? After some time ever shepherd in the town started using a bespoke kind of crook to identify he was the owner of that crook. I don’t think I would ever take a flock of sheep to graze but I had to buy a sheep crooks–3333sc-3011p.aspx from to see how it actually feels in my hand. I ordered the shepherd’s crook online and I wasn’t disappointed.

Sit, Behave, Good Boy! The Benefits of Dog Training

A dog can be a wonderful addition to you and your family’s lives but it also is a commitment that will last a long time.As with many other long-term commitments, it is important to ensure everyone, including the dog, are informed andprepared for what’s involved. Training your new puppy can be thought of as an optional extra, perhaps unnecessary but it provides a great foundation and ensures that your new bundle of joy does not become a big burden once fully grown but instead a loved member of the family.

Fix Behavior Issues

It can be hard for those of us that are close to our pet to see behavior issues that can become troublesome if they are unchecked. One of the benefits of dog obedience training in Northern Virginiais having a professional interact with your dog. This gives a professional outsider the chance to assess any problems and help you to see and correct them. Something that we as an owner might think is cute, particularly in a small and boisterous puppy can be a real problem with a grown dog and needs to be taken care of by obedience training as soon as possible.

A Great Experience!

While there are many online guides there is nothing as helpful for an owner and for their dog to have time with a professional trainer. This is because they can see just by the way the trainer acts and the way that they use their voice, how differently their dog responds to the authority of a trainer. Many people find that dog obedience training is more of a learning experience for the owner than the dog. A few hours can make a huge difference in your ability to control and teach your dog which will in turn make life for everyone more enjoyable and fun.

Your Pet Needs Special Care

There are a great many breeds of dogand each has particular quirks that may need special care and attention during training. An experienced trainer will be able to give you advice and help you to train your dog so that attention is paid to these areas. When you are aware of potential problem areas then you make sure that you take care of them as soon as they appear. Having a professional trainer available also means that you have a trusted source of advice that has had experience with your breed of dog. If you find you are having difficulty during a particular situation or habit then you can return for a few focused sessions to get everything back on track.

Be Responsible

Having a dog as a pet is a big responsibility. You are responsible for the dog’s health and happiness as wellas how it interacts with the neighbors and visitors who come to your home. A happy,well-trained dog that can interact with everyone will become a permanent neighborhood favorite. A dog that barks and is aggressive can cause problems with your neighbors and be a constant source of irritation. A small commitment of money and time can give you and your dog a happier and more fulfilling relationship and no matter the age of your pet it is never too late.

Debbie Fletcher is an enthusiastic, experienced writer who has written for a range of difference magazines and news publications. Follow her here: @Debbie_Fletch18


What Is a Dog Training Collar?

Contrary to popular opinion, hunting dogs aren’t born ready to hunt. While the instincts are there, they have to be nurtured and trained in order for your breed of dog to grow into a stealthy and successful hunter. Hunting dogs, which include coonhounds, hounds, and terriers, just to name a few, are still very popular, and with the right training guides and tools, you’ll have a proficient canine hunting companion at your side.

One such tool is a collar. Traditional collars are designed for use with leashes and leads, and to enable you to hang identification tags on your dog. But hunting collars go above and beyond by helping you with training and tailoring your dog to meet your hunting companion needs. Basic hunting dog collars offer remote training and reinforcement via clicks and minor stimulating shocks that can be controlled up to several hundred feet or more away with special remotes. More advanced collars for hunting dogs can even offer voice transmission capabilities (you can give verbal commands that the dog will hear courtesy of a small speaker embedded in the collar), plus GPS tracking.

A reputable hunting dog supply company can help you pick the perfect collar to outfit your hunting dog with. While a little pricey, such a collar will go a long way in maximizing your hunting dog’s potential.


A Guide to Homemade Dog Food


Food is one of life’s great pleasures, so it’s only natural that you’d want to share it with your best friend! Dog owners who’d like to give their pups a more interesting and nutritious diet than what’s offered in store-bought kibbles and canned foods can always try playing chef for their canines. Here’s a guide to making your dog healthy meals.

Raw or Cooked?

One of the hardest decisions to make when cooking for your pet is whether or not to feed him or her cooked food or raw food. You will find people with strong opinions in both camps. Raw food appeals to dogs because of the stronger scent. However, raw meats may harbor bacteria that can make your dog sick. This bacteria will also thrive on their food dishes and anywhere else that your dogs put their muzzles after supper, so you risk getting sick as well. Of course, if you’re feeding your dog vegetables or fruit in addition to meat, those won’t need to be cooked, though some dogs may prefer eating root vegetables that have been softened up by the cooking process. To answer this question for yourself, you’ll need to consider your kitchen setup and how much time you’ll be able to devote to keeping surfaces bacteria-free.

Does Your Dog Have Any Health Concerns?

Before you decide to take your dog away from the dry and canned food diet he or she has been enjoying until now, you’ll need to ask a veterinarian to perform a full checkup. Should your dog have any health concerns, such as obesity or irritable bowels, you’ll want to be sure your new diet will support management or correction of these symptoms. The veterinarian will also be able to guide you in selecting appropriate dietary supplements.

Why Not Add Extras to the Normal Kibble?

Instead of switching your dog to a new diet straightaway, consider adding on extras to the dog’s normal feast of kibble or kibble and canned food. Just as your own stomach may find it difficult to adapt to a completely new diet, your dog’s system may be thrown off by sudden changes. Start by cooking small amounts of meat, eggs and vegetables for your dog and mixing those in to the normal kibble. This will also help you understand what your dog likes to eat. Although dogs are famous for eating just about everything—and especially when it’s something you don’t want them to eat! —you’ll find that certain pups are picky eaters. If your dog loves chicken but hates fish, this is a good thing to know before you start investing time, money and energy into preparing daily gourmet meals!

How Much Time Do You Have to Prepare Meals for Your Dog?

Preparing meals for your dog is roughly equivalent to cooking for another person in your household. You may be able to use the same or similar ingredients for the human meals you prepare as you do for the canine meals, which will save you some time when grocery shopping and doing cooking prep work. However, dogs shouldn’t eat the oils and spices that humans have in their own food, and dogs should stay entirely away from certain foods such as chocolate, avocados and certain types of nuts. So, you’ll probably end up preparing the meals separately even if the basic ingredients are the same. Many dog owners who cook for their pets choose to mix up a week’s worth of food for their dogs and freeze it in daily portions. This will save time, but others prefer to give their dog a fresh meal. Any meal that you make and don’t freeze shouldn’t sit in the refrigerator for more than three days.

Provide a Well-Balanced Diet

Ask any toddler what a dog, cat or monkey eats and he or she will have ready answers. Dogs eat meat, cats eat fish and monkeys go bonkers over bananas. That’s great for storytime, but it isn’t the full truth about what your dog needs to be happy and healthy. Take care to offer your dog a well-balanced diet that includes enough fat, fiber and protein to keep your best friend in fine form. Dogs benefit from vegetables, small amounts of dairy products and fruit in their diets as well.

About the Author:Brent Harte enjoys cooking for himself as well as for his canine companions. One of his favorite dishes is beef stew, and luckily, his dogs like it too! Brent works for VitaHound.

Groom Your Dog

According to, One of the most important components to being a good dog owner is the ability to take time out of your day to groom your dog. Dogs, no matter what the breed need to be groomed to keep their coats nice and shiny, as well as to keep them free of fleas and or ticks.

There is much more to dog grooming than simply running a brush over your dog’s body, and a good dog owner will take the time necessary to make sure that all aspects of grooming are covered. The ears, eyes, nose and even mouth also have to be addressed, as does trimming the nails and even in some cases actually cutting hair.

Depending on the type of dog breed you own, the grooming process can be one that lasts 20mins a few days a week, to an hour every second week. Certain dogs need more attention than others when it comes to keeping them clean, largely in part to the type of hair that they own. For example, a Boxer is known as a short haired dog thus keeping it clean does not take a lot of time simply because there is not a lot of hair to look after. On the other hand, a Collie would be classified as a long haired dog and if they are not brushed on a regular basis, they can develop matts in their hair which are not only painful for the dog, but a nightmare to get out.

Whichever breed of dog you own, make sure that before bringing him into your life that you take the time to learn what it will take to look after their grooming needs. Dogs do not have the ability to groom themselves thus are relying on you, their owner to do it for them!

A Good Site for People who are in Love with Dogs

People have their own interest which can make them feel fun and enjoyable. One of them is about the pet that might be really great for many pet lovers. One of the most favorite pets is dog. Many people are in love with this pet and feel willing taking care one or some dogs at home. Surely, dog is believed as the friendliest pet for people. It is also said to be the best friend of people. Besides of that, dog is actually a smart pet which is easy to be trained.

If we are dog lovers, we can Visit which will be a great site for people who are in love with dogs. The site is actually a place where we can find various types of purebred dogs for sale. We can find so many cute and interesting dogs there. In addition, that is also a good place for people who want to offer or sell their dogs.

A lot of types of purebred dogs can be found there and it is possible for us to find a dog that we really want and look for. We will see the look of the dogs which are ready to be bought since they also provide the photos and also the information about the dogs. That is a good site for you who look for a dog or even want to sell your dogs.

Shih Tzu – The Cute Canine Everyone Loves To Cuddle

Shih Tzu dogs are Chinese toy canines you would love to cuddle and play with. These small dogs are identified by their long luxurious double coat, short muzzle and big dark eyes. It weighs around 4.5-7.3 kg and is about 26.7 cm in height. These canines look really cute and simply adorable with their fur-jacketed drop ears, soft coat and highly furred tail. The Shih Tzus are often dubbed s “lion dogs” given their resemblance to lions as referred to in the ancient oriental art.

The interesting part is that the Shih Tzu canines come up in a versatile range of coat colors. You will find these Chinese toy canines in varied shades of white, gold, red, brown & blue. Sometimes these are mono colored like solid black while you will also find these lion dogs in dual or tricolor options.

Are you planning to have your own cute Shih Tzu? Well, there are a great bunch of pet stores offering Shih Tzu for sale online but not all can be trusted. Your chosen Shih Tzu store should be a licensed breeder which ensures a safe buy for you. Besides, it’s needed that you acquaint yourself with some typical Shih Tzu characteristics- there are many dishonest breeders who might hand you a Lhasa in place of Shih Tzu. Actually Lhasa Apso and Shih Tzu look apparently similar, except some typical features. While Lhasa Apsos are little scruffy, the Shih Tzus are identified by their soft, luxurious coats. Again, the Lhasa breed can be characterized by almond-shaped eyes and Shih Tzus look really cute with their round eyes. Moreover, your chosen store must be able to show up with authentic health certificates & pertinent documents of the Shih Tzu parents. Last but not the least, the chosen Shih Tzu store should be able to support you with all necessary Shih Tzu care and training tips.

Vitamins for Dogs

Many pet owners are unaware that dogs need different kinds of vitamins like us humans. If you notice that your dog is discomfort or a bad mood, then you must purchase vitamins for your dog.

What are the vitamins needed to support the well-being dog. In general, in any of the products and dog foods contain certain vitamins. But in fact, it is very difficult to calculate how much and what kind of vitamins are essential to a dog. Most important for dogs are vitamins A and D, while other vitamins require only at certain times.

The need for the vitamins is depend on different kind of dog is affected by many factors such as the animal’s age, temperament, growth and climate habitat. Before you buy high quality dog vitamins are kindly requested to have at least a rough table of the composition of the feed, which gets a pet, but This is necessary not to forget about their own observations, because they are also very significant in those cases when it is necessary to clarify the need for certain vitamins.

primary role of vitamins, it is the function of catalysts during the life of the pet. If either the feed which contains insufficient amounts of vitamins, in such a case, the pet start to get various diseases. In most cases, vitamins are required for dogs in the moments of growth, development, and during the breeding season. For adult dogs have the purpose of these vitamins significantly accelerate their recovery.

What are the vitamins exist for dogs – start with vitamin A. This vitamin is mainly needed to young dogs and puppies . The main functions of vitamin A that support the dog are: vision, kidney function.

How useful vitamin B. The most commonly used vitamins B1, B2, B6, B12. Those pets, who are anemic, it is recommended to give vitamin B12. From diseases such as neurosis or beri beri, effectively treats vitamin B1. Vitamin B2 gives beneficial effects on the skin of dog.  Vitamin C is especially effective in a variety of infectious diseases of a pet. primary role of vitamin D is to support the right of the dog. Vitamin D protects the animal from the serious diseases, such as rickets, for the proper development of the skeleton, is considered the most important factor.

Vets Here, There and Everywhere

Finding vets in Brisbane, or in any other city, is not usually a problem. There are plenty to choose from. You can find a vet in Chermside, a vet in Stafford, a vet in Everton Park or a vet in Bridgeman Downs. One can locate a vet in Albany Creek or a vet in Aspley.

There are plenty of good vets in all of these fine cities, but it’s important not to select just any vet amongst the company. It’s important to research and talk to possible vets and make sure that they are a good fit for you and your precious pets.

Brisbane vets are some of the finest at what they do. Not only are they professional, but vets in Brisbane tend to be friendly and compassionate. When it comes to looking for quality vet clinics, Brisbane locals are fond of vet McDowall at McDowall Veterinary Practice.

If you’re looking for a vet in Brisbane, this a great option. There are also quality vets in north Brisbane to choose from. Whether you need a veterinary clinic in Brisbane or a vet in Brisbane north, consider all of your options before making a decision.

There are many choices when it comes to finding a fantastic and caring vet in your area. While some are willing to travel great distances to find a vet that they really like, there’s no doubt there are vets here, there and everywhere who are ready and willing to give your beloved pets the proper care that they deserve.

Remember that when it comes to choosing a vet, Brisbane pets deserve the same attention as we all hope to receive from our medical care professionals. Find a good vet today and take good care of the pets that make life so much nicer.


Online shopping has increased the Internet usage into its next generation. Nowadays people don’t like to visit the respected outlets and trial the products whether it satisfies our self. As the daily movement of the world and people is like the speed of light, people don’t like to waste the time to visit the outlets and do some necessary routines.

As money became a great and powerful shield to live in this rich world, people are very keen on increasing their wealth and properties. They mainly concentrate on how to increase their income, so they are shifting their leisure time for earning from some entertainment. The main entertainments are watching TV, listening to music, shopping and so on.

Without shopping we can’t live efficiently, so the evolution of online shopping evolved vastly and this doesn’t trouble anyone’s work. It requires a few minutes to select a product and purchase, after the few days the product will be on our doorstep. Initially the products offered in various shopping sites are Apparels, Shoes, Electronic items and many.

As this shopping became a great welcome for all Americans, all other countries started introducing this online shopping. Now all over the world online shopping became a general field applies to all people. The popular online shoppers are Amazon, eBay, Dealdash, Wal-Mart and many.

DealDash, a penny auction site has changed the working personalities to have some entertainment. As people are money-minded, dealdash targets on that and provides a game. If we win the game, they will get the product at low cost. This will save more dollars and people also feel relaxed. This became a great news in the US and people were talking about this in social media’s.

Mainly Facebook, which became a great advertisement for this shopping site. In the recent research conducted by Adweek and social Bakers, the survey was over and DealDash topped the list in all categories mainly “People talking about this”. This results how people are excited to play in dealdash, instead of their working hours.